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People seek counseling with me for many reasons.  Some are coping with depression, anxiety, and anger.  Others have suffered loss, such as the death of a loved one, a divorce, a breakup, or a move away from family and friends.  Still others are haunted by traumatic events such as physical and sexual abuse, combat experiences, bullying, natural disasters, or other types of violence.  Ultimately, most people want to feel peaceful, confident, and productive, and they want to form and maintain meaningful relationships with others.  It can be difficult reaching out for help, but people frequently comment about how comfortable and effective therapy actually is for them.

My research-based treatment approaches are generally cognitive-behavioral, supportive, and interpersonal.  I will help you learn new ways of thinking about, approaching and coping with the various challenges you are experiencing.   When ready, we can also explore and process the hurtful events that may have occurred in your life.  Forming a strong working alliance is crucial to the effectiveness of psychotherapy.  I view the process as a collaborative effort and adapt various strategies to fit your needs.